Why Locust Street

Innovative campaigns that impact policy through strategic communications.

Why We’re Different.


  • Real People
  • Creative Ideas. Delivered Results.
  • Local Headlines


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  • Astroturfing
  • Consulting
  • Lofty Promises

Real people


Creating content reporters want

Campaigns are no longer won on Washington, D.C.’s bustling K Street. They’re won on Locust Street – and Main Street, Maple Street, and any other street you might find at the center of every small town across America. Our Locust Street hails from Des Moines, Iowa. To this day, Locust Street in Des Moines remains the one place where most presidential candidates launch their political dreams. For us, it’s a reminder that no matter how big the scope, all campaigns begin and end locally. Whether your issue is before the Federal Government, the State Legislature, or the City Council, the best way to make a difference comes from finding and empowering real people who care about your issue and making their voices heard. Locust Street will find your constituency wherever it is and give them a voice.