Nobar Elmi Golhar

Senior Director
Nobar is a senior director at LSG and supports the firm’s community solutions practice. She has worked across multiple geographies and sectors for the last two decades and has developed a unique and diverse skill set focused on strategic messaging, advocacy, event management, and stakeholder engagement. She helps clients ranging from Fortune 500 executives to key government officials better communicate complex issues to diverse audiences and drive action. Prior to LSG, Nobar worked for a global corporate advisory firm, a national advocacy organization, the State of Texas, and a California-based public affairs firm. Nobar holds a B.A. from Miami University, MA from University of Southern California, and an MBA from Pepperdine University.

Fun Facts

Who are you inviting to your next dinner party (dead or alive)?

Barack and Michelle Obama

What is one random fact people MUST know about you?

I’m Iranian American (big part of my identity!)